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Turkey day bests

I don't know about you guys, but I am extra thankful this year! Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to reflect on and remember all that we are grateful for. As the first holiday season as a mom, I am so in love and thankful for my little family, especially my son, Brae. It is so fun seeing him become curious about all the happenings and gatherings. More than anything, however, this little boy LOVES to eat. He is definitely his father's son! As I prepare for tomorrow's feast, he continues to follow me around with puppy dog eyes begging for tastes of anything resembling food.

Playing host for Friendsgiving this year, I have decided to make some recipes which, over the years, have made my list of turkey day BESTS.


Williams Sonoma Brined Turkey with Paste - If you want a turkey that tastes incredible every time, then I HIGHLY recommend this recipe!

Emeril Lagasse's Sweet Potato Pudding - Literally OBSESSED with this dish. It is even more phenomenal if you serve it with some cranberry sauce. The tartness of the cranberry mellows the sweetness of the pudding to make the perfect combination!

I also double the ingredients for the toppings so that there is a thicker layer of crust on top :)

Topping Layer:

1 CUP light brown sugar

1 CUP pecan pieces

1 CUP flour

1 CUP coconut flakes

1 STICK (8 TBSP) softened butter

For more holiday product links and complete looks, check out my LIKE TO KNOW IT - luluandbou.


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