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A Doozy of a First Trimester

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since I was last on here. Again, life always seems so busy. Case in point, I'M PREGNANT! Baby #2 was a big surprise. What's even more surprising is that my pregnancy timeline will be almost exactly the same. Baby is due ONLY 5 DAYS before Brae's 2nd birthday. I am actually very excited about this because I will get to experience cool fall and winter weather during the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy (fist pump!) as compared to living in Hawaii when I was pregnant with Brae. I know, I'm weird. I mean who doesn't wish they were living in Hawaii right? But after not experiencing real seasons for most of my life, I am so looking forward to the festive feeling different weather brings. Being pregnant on top of that is icing on the cake :)

All that being said, my first trimester was right in the middle of the hottest summer I have experienced since I was a little kid. I know it was not nearly as bad as some parts of the country but my body was definitely not acclimated for the temps!

This pregnancy has also been so different than my first so far. Starting at 5 weeks pregnant, I was already experiencing extreme nausea which only seemed to get worse. I tried EVERYTHING to help alleviate the nausea - sea bands, eating small snacks all throughout the day, eating something before even sitting up in bed, teas, fizz's, ginger chews, and even medication. You name it, I probably tried it. I finally started feeling better around the 13 week mark. Phew! I figured there are probably many who experienced what I did, so I thought I would share some tricks I tried in case they are helpful to you :)





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